Fretti & Lou in hot air balloon

The Story of The Fretti and Lou Show®

In a secret Kingdom far away where the animals of the forest and jungle live... Stories were passed from mother to child and the legend of the secret Kingdom grew...

One night a little Lion Bear named Sir Frettirick® went on a quest to save mankind. He met a young girl named Lou and that's how their adventure started.

Skunkooney! She is a Bandooney, who comes from Zandooney. She'd like you to join her for tea in her tree! The gate keeper of our magical tree. She's part skunk and raccoon. Sometimes she can be very naughty.

Lou and Fretti and gang

Lou and Fretti and gang

The Stories will unfold with other diverse characters and other musicians. Our diverse characters are role models, to help our children build mutual respect for each other and for our cultural differences. The characters and stories help our children learn conflict resolution, and issues about environmental preservation.

The show allows children to explore and create in a safe environment that nurtures the emotional, physical and intellectual development of our children's needs.

I hope to make a difference. Thank you for your time!

Recycling and taking care of our planet!