My Philosophy - Lou Stratten

The most important words in my philosophy are Respect, Flexibility, Empathy and Creative Expression! Every child, every family, every classroom, every community is different here in the City of Los Angeles and all need to be respected in order to grow and to succeed. One must be able to adapt to the rhythm of the class, the inclusive classroom, the temperament of each child and their family, the emergent and divergent curriculum in order to enable each child the opportunity to grow developmentally at his or hers own pace in a safe environment.

My life’s journey has taught me the importance of understanding the value of “empathy.” Being empowered with empathy, “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another,” allows children an individual approach and ability to grow, opening the door to their creative side enabling them to build or enhance their self-esteem.

Communities and classrooms are becoming more diverse so flexibility needs to be embraced in everyday life in order for a child to blossom. Every child is unique and needs to be encouraged to tap into their own gift of creativity in order to explore, to learn…to grow and develop.

My musical interactive programs are carefully chosen to enrich the development of our children physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, aesthetically, linguistically and spiritually, while weaving our community and family together. It is my mission to encourage children to explore their individual sense of being using different activities with books, pictures, songs, the use of body movement, and art projects, while at the same time building a child’s verbal skills, mathematical skills, communication skills, listening skills, taking turns, and learning to share their experiences in a social setting. All of these activities help with problem solving, allowing a child to be able to discover their own potential and self-worth in relation to the world all around them.

In my philosophy - Music and movement open the doors to a child’s imagination stimulating their individual intellectual and cognitive growth and self-expression. My passion as an educator is in getting involved with community projects and weaving both the classroom and everyday life together!

Recycling and taking care of our planet!