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Lou & Fretti

starlight show


Winner! cmwa2004 Best Preschool Cat 5
* Lou Stratten - Lou Stratten


"Creating smiles for seriously ill children and their families was the goal, and there were smiles all over the room, thanks to you! ..., you were a big hit!"

March 2008 Denise Martin, MBA Manager of Program Services Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation

"Lou' Book (Hello, I'm Sir Fretterick!) brings her puppet companion Sir Fretterick (Fretti) to life in this fun picture book with a message. Fretti is an animal who is very sure of himself even though his mother is a bear and his father is a lion. As Fretti says, “I'm just different…I like being ME!” Fretti also introduces his friends, Lou, her bird Skip, and Skunkooney, who is part skunk and part raccoon. Several themes run throughout the story: the idea that families and friends are all different but that’s what makes them so special, and the importance of respecting the environment. In addition to writing and performing the story, Stratten also illustrated the book along with Sal Denaro. The illustrations add a deeper level to the enjoyment of the story by providing additional activities for listeners. For example, following a passage about Fretti’s mother (the bear), youngsters are encouraged to “Count all the b’s and the bumblebees that you see!” This package would be a solid addition to a story time or could be used as the starting point for a discussion about the importance of respecting the Earth and all who live here."

Veronica Schwartz, Des Plaines Public Library, IL School Library Journal February 2008

"Starlight Starbright�s Sparkling Sundae event was a huge success, thanks to Lou Stratten. The event could not have been as lively, fun, interactive, and engaging if it weren't for her. She has performed at many of our events, and we are looking forward to utilizing her talents again at upcoming events. Her energy and vivacious personality shines through as she sings, tells stories, and entertains."

Denise Martin, MBA Manager of Program Services Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation

"I love how the book introduces the concepts of colors, numbers, shapes, sizes and best of all diversity and sharing."

Teacher - Ms. Jackie Davis- Palisades Preschool, CA

"She also plays for our kids at The Beach Club and is absolutely fascinating to the kids – my babies were 10 months old when they first met her and they were in complete awe. She’s AMAZING."

"Lou is fantastic. We use to take classes with her at 1/2 mush 1/2 music. She has a new children's book out called Hello, I'm Sir Frettirick. Check it out on her website"

"Yesterday was so much fun. You performed a fantastic show! How wonderful to expose young children to analyzing works of art the way you did in a fun & musical way."

Laura Mitchell, Mother of twins

"The most requested children's show on the West Side"

Official Newsletter of the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation September 5, 2006

"Lou's love for children shines through in her words and lovely, sweet voice. This CD is not your typical 'kid music' - it's better!"

Beth Ekstein, former high school teacher and personal assistant

"Stratten's friendly demeanor and knack for songwriting that both entertains and educates."

School Library Journal, July, 2004 - Kathleen Kelly MacMillan, Maryland School for the Deaf, Columbia

"Lou is an excellent entertainer and great with children"

City Baby L. A. - Linda Friedman Meadow & Lisa Rocchio, Real Moms Ink 2003

"Lou's gorgeous voice, spirited style and kid-friendly songs really wowed the audience."

Eva Mitnick, Venice Branch Children's Librarian

"Lou brings a combination of musical talent and early childhood educational skills that delight children and adults..."

Adrienne Schoen Gunn, Early Childhood Director/College Instructor

"The Children at our school love it" (cd)

Gill Wiener, Gillybean School

"As with all of Lou Stratten's material this book stays responsible to her belief ... to Loving Families"

Recycling and taking care of our planet!