The Fretti and Lou Show ®


The Fretti and Lou Show®
The show stars

My Mama's a Bear and My Papa's a Lion Just call me Fretti.

His best friend

And Our Friend

Pilot has been featured on LA36,
a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation.

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Shaggy Creature Productions is currently seeking sponsorship so we can continue to expand our programming to children world wide. Our show originally aired on Adelphia cable, and now we want to reach children globally. Our mission is to educate children on the issues of diversity, our environment, especially our friends who live in the ocean. Empower our children about Global warming!

As with all of Lou Stratten's material she stays responsible to her belief loving families... they come in many different shapes, sizes and colors!

Lou explores the world of diversity in a way that young children make can make sense of their own. As her characters explore their environments so will you and your child as discussions unfold around these exciting characters that are so loveable and engaging.

"Hello, I'm Sir Frettirick!" is translated in Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and more to come!

This rhythmical and heartening story brings in characters and scenes much like in an old-fashioned vaudeville scenario where one act follows another. "Sesame Street" successfully uses this format. Sir Frettirick, also called Fretti, introduces himself and acts as a master of ceremonies bringing his young readers into his World of Zandooney. In this world, which is inhabited by other friends like Skunkooney, Lou, and Skip, children soon discover that learning colors, numbers, and the alphabet is fun.

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Shaggy Creature Productions is run by Lou Stratten she has donate many of her services to Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation,SAVE THE CORAL REEFS FAIR / PLANETARY CORAL REEF FOUNDATION,10th Anniversary Westside Children's Arts Festival-Sony Studios, St. Mary's Community Services Center for Catholic Charities, Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA Party on the Pier, North Bay Chapter of the Southern California Association for the Education of Young Children, Fred Jordan Mission Earthfest '98, at Santa Monica Pier

Recycling and taking care of our planet!